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Crusher Knives

Recycling Plant Hardware: Our Contribution to a Recycling Society

Ikeda & Co, Ltd contributes to a recycling society through our extensive knowledge and metal forging and recycling plant hardware and replacement parts.

We offer recycling plant replacement parts of high quality, long life, and low cost tailored to individual customer needs.


  1. Made from die steel and molybdenum steel
  2. Manufacturing lead time of approximately 45 days
  3. Quotation lead time of approximately 3 days
  4. Specialty die steel alloy
    It is the hot working die steel which attained the higher toughness, hardenability, and superior nitriding property compared with SKD61 by a special-steel maker's cooperation.
    While toughness values has the about twice (our ratio), the high toughness, and the superior nitriding properties compared with SKD61, the properties such as a hardness and softeningresistance,are equivalent to SKD61.


■Twin-Shaft Shredder Knives and Spacers
■Twin-Shaft Shredder Shafts
■Single Shaft Shredder and Grinder Knives and Blades

Parts Management

We provide inspection reports, heat treatment certification and mill sheets on all items produced as part of our comprehensive quality control program.