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We aim to be a company that supports "manufacturing industry" and "living environment" with one step ahead, looking to the future.

Since establishment in 1931,
Ikeda & Co, Ltd has been active in a wide range of industries.
The future continually presents unique challenges that we strive to meet head-on:

  • ○To offer proactive solutions tailored to our customer needs
  • ○To have a team of upwardly-mobile skilled professionals
  • ○To constantly sharpen the instinct and skill required to create the best possible customer products and services
  • ○To meet the challenge of globalization by building a network of global relationships
  • ○To form lasting relationships built on trust with customers form various industries

Our company mission is to provide our customers with valuable products and services that meet or exceed their requirements while setting the pace for the future.
Thank you for choosing Ikeda & Co, Ltd We are ready to meet your challenges and look forward to future opportunities together.

Yoshihiro Ikeda    Representative Director