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Company Outline

Ikead & CO.,LTD.
Corporate Name
Ikeda & Co, Ltd
Representative Director
Yoshihiro Ikeda
February 1931
April 1963
Capital Stock
10 million yen
Business Activities
Sales of Crusher Knives, and the Replacement Work
Sales of Automated Equipment, Energy-saving Equipment, General Environmental Protection
Import and Sales of Lost Wax, Precision Stamping Parts, Precision Forging Parts, Machine Parts
Sales of Casting Materials, Plant and Equipment
Industrial Machinery Sales and Installation Work
Construction Materials Sales and Installation Work
Company Addresses
  Headquarters: 2-18-17 Tajime Cho, Fukuyama City,
Hiroshima Prefecture 720-0824 Japan
Tel: +81 -84-953-7511 Fax: +81 -84-953-2223
  Tokyo Office: #620 3-4-8 Nakadai Itabashi Ward, Tokyo
174-0064 Japan
Tel / Fax: +81 -3-3931-0509
  Material Storehouse: 6-7-12 Akebono Cho, Fukuyama City,
Hiroshima Prefecture 721-0952 Japan
Tel: +81 -84-953-1357

Company Logo

Ikeda & Co, Ltd Company Logo


The larger circle represents society, and the smaller circle symbolizes the sun.
The three rays symbolize...
1. Information Station
2. Research and Development Projects
3. Products and Servies
...and represent three business systems.

Ikeda & Co, Ltd contributes to society with information, products, and services for the betterment of society and a abright furure.