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Environmental Slogan

The priority of any undertaking is the global environment

Environmental Policy

This company assumes a responsibility to society in the effort for global environmental protection.

Our environmental protection, labor saving, and casting products and services are one of our many contributions to the environmental protection effort.

This company takes the following environmental protection actions:

  • 1. This company will reduce to the fullest technical and financial extent possible the impact on the environment that may result from our activities.
  • 2. This company will implement and promote pollution prevention activities and environmental improvement plans, and create and maintain a management system to review and evaluate the results.
  • 3. This company maintains a constant focus on environmental protection and will fully comply with all applicable environmental laws, rules, regulations, and agreements.
  • 4. This company will provide employees with training to cultivate environmental awareness and promote environmental protection.

This environmental policy is directed at all employees in this company and provided as information for our customers and associates.

Yoshihiro Ikeda Representative Director Ikeda & Co, Ltd December 12, 2009